From a problem, an opportunity arises

For a little while now I have been having issues with Capture One — only minor hiccups but they have been enough to give me the screamers! Little things like non-sequential numbering of images on upload, causing the Mac to run low on memory when I undertake small edits, closing down for no reason at all. After some tinkering I look to have sorted the last two concerns — basically I turned off the Mac for a couple of hours making for a very technical way to resolve an issue! — but the upload problem persisted despite my having had a two way dialogue with the Capture One team in Copenhagen and undertaking the remedial actions they suggested. 

sydney harbour, 040418.jpg

In my last conversation with Denmark I suggested it might be an idea for them to log into my desktop so they could see the issue I was struggling with and, overnight, they responded…let’s do it! Irrespective of the outcome the good news was that they also asked me to have at least 100 shots loaded onto a CF card which they would then observe being uploaded when they logged in. Good news? Absolutely because, not that I needed one, it provided an opportunity/excuse for me to head out and make some images.

sydney harbour, 040418 1.jpg

Around 4.30 I found myself at Duff Reserve in Point Piper, a small park right on the Harbour foreshore and which affords stunning views of the CBD and the Harbour Bridge. The intention was to take images of the sunset and, hopefully, in low light, use a long shutter speed to flatten out the water. And the late afternoon/early evening was just perfect for that — great clouds, a slight breeze and pleasantly mild. 

sydney harbour, 040418.jpg

Whilst my lack of an ND filter meant I had to wait until it was so dark the camera (and I!) struggled to find focus, I did manage to shoot a couple along the way with which I was very happy when they were eventually uploaded to the desktop. As the sun began to disappear, shooting in manual, I was able to easily keep the shutter open for 3 - 5 seconds and still retain sharpness but anything beyond that created a little bit of blur. Given I was using the self timer to delay the shutter activation any movement could likely only have been caused by the breeze. So a lesson was learned meaning, despite there being only a zephyr, next time I will have to find a way to lock the tripod more firmly in place.  And, to enable me to take such images before it is pitch black, ND filters have been put on my birthday list too!

sydney harbour, 050418 166.jpg

As for the issue? It seems the boffins in Copenhagen have sorted it out. A rather good outcome no matter how you care to look at it!