A position statement...!

I am passionate about my photography. Whether it is making the images, crafting something special in post processing, or sharing my output on social media and with friends, I love it all.

But in reality, the most enjoyable time I spend behind the camera is on the weekend; the time when the boys swap their school uniforms for their sports gear. The three boys love their sport — so much so that in our household we pretty much have every activity covered. We have rowers, swimmers, tennis players, basketballers, cross country runners, skiers and rugby players. And having been a keen sportsman in my youth — and someone who still loves watching all sorts of sport — the weekends easily play to another of my passions.

Should you take a look at my website you can see that I am happy to shoot pretty much anything —  landscape, street, travel, portraits or whatever else comes my way. But one genre that does not feature on these pages is sports photography. So with all that sport being played around me why have I not uploaded any of the hundreds of images I have taken? 

My strong belief is that what goes on in the family stays in the family. Everything that we do is for us to enjoy, share, and laugh or cry over; it is our special time to be with each other and relish the experiences, the wins and the losses, the happiness and the disappointments. My private images are just that — private — and not for me to share with the masses — even if they might want to see them. 

Don't get me wrong. I am not so precious that my images do not see the light of day beyond our four walls. If there is an anonymous element to them — as in those attached to this post — I am more than happy to share my photos. Likewise, where appropriate, they are regularly distributed to other members of the boys' teams, their parents (and the occasional grandparent as well!), and sometimes the school magazine. And it gives me such a thrill to see the boys' faces light up when they are presented with an image. Whether they might be shooting lights out or have a look on their face that defies all the rules of nature, they just love to see themselves in action. 

But for the moment that is where it begins and ends. Should I ever have the privilege of shooting professional sports as a professional that will clearly be a game changer. But, until that happens, don't expect to see many sports images on this website.