Beaten but ne'er disgraced

A wet, windy, miserable day greeted the crew as they headed out to Penrith for the big one. So wet in fact that some schools had taken the decision to not enforce the compulsory school day edict and, as such, the banks of the regatta venue were relatively free of screaming boys from across the GPS.

But none of that deterred the pumped up boys who had prepared for this day since last year — poor weather would not stand in their way as today was the day all that hard work and dedication would pay off.

When you stand at the start and look toward the finish line 2000 metres away the distance  seems forever — but it is only seven minutes of hard slog and, whilst it may seem an eternity, it is nothing compared to the miles logged in the boat in training. But at the 1500m mark it looked to be all over. The boys had tailed off — they were placed sixth out of seven — and even the course commentator announced that they were gone. But only those in the boat knew how well they had prepared, how much they wanted to succeed and how much effort they would put in to taste success. The oars came out of the water and, seemingly, eight outboard motors took their place. 

And they stormed home. But 2000 metres was just not far enough — an extra 10 metres and the boys would have been placed but, as it was, they finished fourth less than half a second behind third. Absolutely spent but knowing that they had given their all and, in 2018, would be even better prepared and more ready to do battle.

Well done guys! A fantastic effort and a credit to all of you. You did both your school and yourselves proud!