Thank you very much, Lonely Planet!

Whilst never expecting to make a fortune from my photographic endeavours I do have some accounts set up with a few of the stock photo outlets.  Consequently, should anyone like my product enough to put their hand in their pocket they are able to easily purchase and download a copy of that image. To date — and despite only having a relative lack of product to work with — 500px has been my most successful re-seller. Not that they have been knocked over in the rush but to have even sold a single image — rather than, as it has turned out, a few — would have given me reason to celebrate.

A problem with the 500px process is that they send a notification that only indicates you have sold an image and how much the buyer has paid. There is no mention as to who has acquired the photo or anything about how they intend to use it. So imagine my absolute delight when I discovered (by total accident) one of my images perched proudly atop a page on the Lonely Planet website.

I guess that it is the dream of every photographer — amateur, professional or anyone in between — to be taken seriously. But imagine how I felt when I learned that someone of the ilk of Lonely Planet considered one of my images to be worthy of their purchasing a copy to use on their site. Not only is it a huge pat on the back but also, as I see it, confirmation that I am on the right track. 

So to the people at Lonely Planet who made the decision to run with my image I can only say "Thank you very much"; it is an honour and privilege to have been selected by you.

PS And for those interested, the Lonely Planet page can be found at