What a difference a week makes...!

Last week we found ourselves at SIRC Penrith for the first regatta of the season —and it was as near to a perfect Spring rowing day as you could want. Yesterday, however, was almost the complete antithesis with blustery cool winds, threatening storm clouds and occasional drizzle. But, having dusted off the cobwebs, the rowing this week was much improved and gave everyone more optimism for what lies ahead.

joeys regatta, 18111718-11-17 18.jpg
joeys regatta, 18111718-11-17 15.jpg

In the ongoing search to find the perfect crew many changes had been made across the entire boatshed. Assisted by a few injuries and absences, there was hardly a boat carrying the same configuration as last week — changes in personnel, different seating arrangements, and even, perhaps, a few who found themselves rowing on the opposite side of the boat. Such never ending tweaking that will likely continue right up until the big day in March.

joeys regatta, 18111718-11-17 11.jpg

The weather didn't harm performances; in fact, given it was effectively a tail wind, times were faster in the early going and continued to improve across the morning. 

joeys regatta, 18111718-11-17 4.jpg

And with two regattas behind us all the aches, pains and teething problems should hopefully now be a thing of the past. But that means we can become even more serious. The days are longer, the weather is starting to warm up, and exams are over for most which means training sessions can be extended —the ability to stay in the boats till later in the day can only further help the cause. 

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And, despite the workload increasing, everyone is looking forward to what lies ahead — after all, even though it is getting serious, there is still much fun to be had.

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