New software, new beginnings?

For some time I have been mulling over what I should do software wise now that Aperture has had the Last Rites read to it. I guess part of the reason for not making a decision has been my view (hope?) that Apple would see the error of its ways and either indicate its ongoing commitment, acquire another software manufacturer (Adobe?) to take things forward, or there would be another piece of software coming out of the woodwork as a ready made replacement.

So far neither of the first two hopes has eventuated so in the meantime I have been trying other options — Lightroom, Photoshop, ON1 to name but a few. In the background there has been quite a lot of favorable commentary and publicity as well as some really helpful tutorials/webinars emanating out of Denmark and Capture One. 

My initial desire was to find software that provided the same ease of use and simplicity of its UI as Aperture. I suppose that was a bit much to expect given one was from Apple and the others were not... So it was with much anticipation that I awaited the release of Capture One 9. Supposedly it would offer not only a marked improvement in its post processing capabilities but also — and just as important from my perspective — its ability to provide a high quality DAM option.

Having had a chance to kick the tyres by availing myself of the 30 day trial I can only say that the processing engine is brilliant, the UI is almost a clone of that of Aperture's so I was able to hit the ground running, it provides the user with the flexibility to completely organise their own work-space and its Color Editor capabilities are a game changer for me.

The one negative so far is that I find the process of downloading images rather confusing, particularly as I am anal as to how these are stored and catalogued. Admittedly the ease of doing so in Aperture spoiled us but the Capture One set up I find to be quite clunky — I have watched the webinar twice now and still struggle to make sense of the process. More work to be done by both me as a User I am afraid and, I suspect, by the boffins in Denmark so that they reduce the number of pleas for help emanating from the likes of me! I guess/hope that the more I download images — more reason to get out and take some! — the more straightforward I will find the process.

I downloaded the trial back in January so my decision to buy or not had to be made this week. Other than for the download issue it would have been a no-brainer but that alone made me think twice. Having said that I have subscribed and already discovered that the more I am using it the better are the images coming out the other side. If I can only understand the process of getting them into the system I would be even happier.

    One of the first outcomes of Capture One 9. Love the ability to fine tune colors and the local adjustment brushes are pretty darn good too!


One of the first outcomes of Capture One 9. Love the ability to fine tune colors and the local adjustment brushes are pretty darn good too!