On the road again...

It has been way too long since I travelled overseas. Not only is that not good for getting Australia temporarily flushed out of the system but it is also not good if you are looking to take different and interesting photographs.

The unfortunate thing about the journey was that it was far too short — two days in the air and four on the ground — but it was all in a very good cause — a birthday celebration for a long time friend from my days in New York. Not only a wonderful opportunity to catch up with Franklin and his wife, Alex, but also many others whom I had not seen in way too long.

Charleston is a town about which I knew very little — aside from it being an important part of the British colonisation of the United States and the role it played during the American Revolution. And that alone means the town is full of history and architecture dating back to the days when it was a British colony. 

Not that this image is of something as old as many others that I took but, given Charleston was, in its day, a busy port (think slave trade, Caribbean pirates) this building is clearly an important part of its heritage. Designed in 1853 it was entered on the National Register of Historic Places in October, 1974.