A New Year resolution

We all seem to start out each January with a goal in mind — only to find we fail to reach it or break the vow within the first couple of months.  Mine is to try to post more comments and images on these pages. We shall see how successful that desire has been in 12 months time!

A lot seems to be coming together as we enter 2015 — armed with a new camera (upgraded to the Canon 5D Mk111 thanks to my stupidity and the benevolence of the insurance company), more comfortable using Photoshop/Camera Raw (thanks Santa and Scott Kelby...), filled with lots of ideas and thoughts courtesy of the new Jay Maisel book (a ripper) and plenty of late 2014/early 2015 spare time to take some images and get used to the new weapon (a total beast — took a while to figure out the focus options but, now I have sorted that out, I cannot believe how sharp it is. The Mk11 was a fantastic piece of gear but this new unit is outrageous) — and I am really looking forward to taking lots of new images and sharing the better ones (make no mistake, I still produce plenty of duds) on the website. Having said that, I have broken the ice and sold my first image — one small step... — the Tahitian huts which appears on the "Portfolio" page.

And across the course of the year I want to see how I can further improve peterwade.com so that it becomes even more interactive and useful for both the reader and myself. Recently I tweaked a few of the existing images and also added a couple of new ones — so there is some movement at the station!

So, to whet the appetite, here is an image taken on New Year's Day at Leylandagreen. 

As always, feedback and comments appreciated.