Out with the old; in with the new

And in the blink of an eye the rowing season is over and winter sport has begun. Which means instead of taking images with sweat dripping off my nose and wearing shorts, future shoots will likely feature a runny nose and long trousers! But, whatever the time of year, the weekends would not be the same without an early start on Saturdays and spending the day traipsing around the suburbs of Sydney bleary eyed with camera in hand.

head of the river 170318 2.jpg
head of the river 170318 16.jpg

The rowing season finished on a high with results from the Head of the River regatta exceeding all expectations — and with the performance of some crews being nothing short of spectacular. Nine events were contested for a total of five podium finishes — the best outcome in a long time. Despite the fact the boats are now in hibernation and early morning wake up calls a thing of the past there is much to look forward to as we clean last year's mud from the boots and stick orthotics in our new (larger) running shoes. Fortunately we still have images of the season just gone to look back upon — and help keep both our excitement levels and hopes high.

head of the river 170318 21.jpg
head of the river 170318 45.jpg

And the weekend just passed saw the camera focussed on some different subjects as the emphasis turned to cross country. In a few more weeks we can add rugby to the list as it becomes a bit more serious and the competition starts in earnest. 

newington invitational, 240318 19.jpg
newington invitational, 240318 84.jpg

It will be lots of fun working with the new toy as we take on the challenge of some different subject matter — the outcomes of which will invariably end up on these pages in due course. But in the meantime the starter's gun has gone off for the first time and we look forward to what the winter will bring.

newington invitational, 240318 5.jpg
newington invitational, 240318 25 1.jpg