A little bit about me

I am a Sydney, Australia based maker of images who as a younger person seemed to possess very little in the way of artistic skills - but give me a cricket bat or a football and I was in Heaven. My Dad is one of the world’s leading watercolorists, yet I can’t paint the side of a garage! I have a sister who can cook up a storm and make anything look wonderful once it’s on a plate. But where was my artistic side?  I didn’t have the remotest sign of one.  So why take up photography?  

Two things really got me going. Although I had been interested in taking photos for a while - particularly once the kids started to appear on the scene -  it wasn't until we purchased a rural property in the Southern Highlands of NSW, about 130 km south of Sydney, that I started to get the bug. That led to me digesting as much instruction and advice as I could get my hands on and, shortly thereafter, a visit to the UK and Venice really provided the additional inspiration. 

I hope that you find the images on these pages both interesting and enjoyable. And, if you do have any comments, please pass these on to me via the email link on these pages.